In the year 2000 I started to learn HTML language. I have never owned the computer and this was for me a very exciting time. In about a year I had few pages of my hair web site. I bought a domain name "". It was supposed to be sort of like: "Hair? Hair! Hair." My husband later commented that the domain name  looks more like a xxx site, but I kept it and didn't make any changes at that time. Coming from the Eastern Europe I found a server in my ex-country - it cost me about $20 dollars/year. As the time went by, and Eastern Europe started doing more business with west and as dollar started to drop, my server started to get costlier each year. Also as I got busy with my life I stop paying as much attention. I would add some text here and there, primarily questions and answers that people send me by e-mail.

About three years ago I moved the site to a new server residing in the United States and finally changed the name of my website to "Answers 2 Beauty". Three years later my web site is still undergoing restructuring, because it has a lot of information in it and because I am very busy with other important tasks.

However, I decided to start my hair site blog to use it primarily for FAQ, occasional news and writings about my thoughts on hair issues.