FAQ: Which Styling Mousse Is Best For Permed Hair?

I had my hair permed for the first time and for styling I used my favorite mousse for hair. However, I am not happy it feels on my hair. Would you tell me which mousse is better for permed hair?

A styling mousse (also called a styling foam) is best for straight hair, in my humble opinion. Mousse contains quite a bit of alcohol, which makes hair feel more "crunchy" than soft. For styling permed hair, I would choose a gel that is designed to make curly/wavy hair soft and pliable. If you apply it to your tresses and blow dry them with diffuser while "scrunching" the hair carefully, you will make your ringlets strong and bouncy.

I personally like gels that do not have a strong hold, because strong hold gels make hair "hard" after hair dries. The best gels for bouncy hair are gels with moisturizing ingredients because they smooth and define curls. Below are some gels with moisturizing emollients that are ideal for curly/coarse hair to provide soft curl control without a crisp feel and that leave hair natural feeling:
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher
  • Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Cream Gel (my favorite)
  • Aquage Curl Defining Creme
  • or try Moroccan Argan Oil
But there are many more gels similar to the above mentioned products. Explore other companies. Look for words like: moisturizing, emollient, supple, curl defining, and conditioning, while looking for a perfect product for your hair.

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