FAQ: Help With My Thin Hair

My hair is really thin. It is also limp and I wish it was thicker.  Can I get hair extensions? Is there any reason not to do it?

If you get extensions, you may run into a problem of damaging your hair. Since it is thin, there s a chance of breaking easily, or getting so called "traction alopecia" (boldness in spots from having hair tightly pulled by braiding or by extensions). In a long run it would cause even thinner hair.

First and foremost - diet is very important. Then your hair care is important as well - good shampoo and conditioner, not much styling products (they pull thin hair down). Then a good massage while you are shampooing your hair will bring nutrition into the roots, which will make your hair stronger.

If it comes to styling, the best solution is to cut hair in a chin length bob. You need a great hairdresser for that. There are several types of bobs, they do not have to be boring. You could use "clip on hair extensions" as an accent for occasional wear. They come in many colors, length and thicknesses. See images of extensions and possible styles below.

Asymmetrical Bob. The image is from THIS site's page (more bobs to see there)

Another semi-asymmetrical bob. This image is from THIS web site.

Although this style is classified as over 50 short bob, it will look great at any age. The image is from THIS web site.

This very stylish bob is stacked in the back, and has a longer front. The image comes from THIS web page.

Credit - the image at the beginning of my post is from THIS web site.