FAQ: Which Is Better L'Oreal's Quick Blue or Clairol's BW2?

I was wondering which is better for lightening dyed black hair: L'Oreal's Quick Blue or Clairol's BW2? I did a strand test with the Quick Blue, and got blond with 30 volume bleach, bleaching it once. Can I use heat with the Quick Blue? Is Clairol BW2 better? Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks so much in advance, and thank you for the awesome blog.

Both products are powder substances. The powdered bleach is usually designed for an off scalp (foil or cap) application. However, some colorists (and people at home) use it on scalp as well. There are other lighteners (bleaches for hair) that are designed for an on scalp application - they are liquid, such as L'Oreal's Super Blue or Clairol's 7th Stage.

Now some people prefer Quick Blue, because they feel it is gentler on the hair. Others prefer BW2 because they feel it lifts hair to the lighter stage better and faster. I think that they are very similar in "power". Check on the package what the recommended peroxide volume is - the higher volume the faster and lighter outcome. I think you can use up to 40 Volume, however I usually used 20 Volume peroxide since my clients were business people and needed their hair to look "natural". But people in arts use higher volume of peroxide to make their hair lighter.

If my client was in a rush, I used heat with my formulas, just to speed up process. If you do that also, be careful not to over process your  hair. Over-processed hair can become "gummy", and it can break off - this is so called chemical haircut.

Do not forget to use a good hair conditioner - before and after bleaching.

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