Ever since I was little, I was drawn to something different, unique, extraordinary. I love creativity in all aspects of life. I love to be around people that have visions, creative minds and that are not afraid to express themselves in any field - fashion, art, architecture, design..... Below, I would like to share with you my hairstyle finds from internet that I found beautiful or interesting, posted by very talented stylists or their photographers or whomever. Hopefully these images will be available for many years, since this is a blog and I will not be checking if the websites where the images are originally hosted still exist.

Beautiful hair design and photography - image from THIS web page

Great cut, color scheme, make-up and photography - image from THIS web page.

Interesting lines with a bold streak. Nice photography. Image from THIS web page.

Beautiful cut and photography. Image from THIS web page.

Great color scheme, makeup and photography. Image from HERE.

Beautifully executed hair ideas, make-up and photography. Image from THIS web page. 

I find this hair exciting. Great colors and good make-up. From THIS web page.