FAQ: Bangs, Aka Fringe, or No Bangs?

I never had short bangs but I am contemplating to cut my hair, so I could have them. Should I do it or keep my hair long?

It depends on the shape of your face. There are shapes where bangs would not be suitable. If your face is oval, you can go either way. But then if you never had bangs short, it can be a big change and you may be overwhelmed with your new look. The question is: How daring and adventurous are YOU? If you could try a wig with bangs you could make a wise decision. Just one look in the mirror would let you know if you like them or not.


This post should be taken as a first step for a discussion with your hairdresser and/or colorist about your ideas, desires or problems with your hair. Under no circumstances, you should act upon this post ONLY. I strongly advice you to have your hair done by a skilled and reputable hairdresser/colorist in your area.