FAQ: My Bangs Are Thin Looking. Help!

How can I make my thin bangs look thick?


  • Start with clean hair. (If you do not shampoo your hair daily, shampoo your bangs above your sink prior to styling them - no need to jump into a bathtub.)
  • Take towel and rub your hair almost dry - this will "disturb" your hair cuticle (ruffle it up) and make it slightly visually thicker.
  • Style your bangs with fingers and blow dryer - while drying the hair, blow on the root area and with a circular motion move your hair roots in all directions, so your hair does not lay flat (fluff it up, baby!)
  • If you want some arch to your hair you can bend the hair over your fingers while hitting it with hot air from your dryer in bursts (do not burn your fingers!!!)
  • If possible, do not use any brush - that would smooth your hair cuticle, which will make your hair thinner looking and flat too. But if you need to use it, then use it only on the tips of your hair - you want the inner hair to stay fluffy for fullness and not smooth. 
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This post should be taken as a first step for a discussion with your hairdresser and/or colorist about your ideas, desires or problems with your hair. Under no circumstances, you should act upon this post ONLY. I strongly advice you to have your hair done by a skilled and reputable hairdresser/colorist in your area.