FAQ: How Do I Create A Fullness

My hair is layered and it seems to lay flat. Is there any way to make it more full?

You need to start with shampooed hair. Apply styling mousse (foam) to your root area. Turn your head upside down and dry your hair. When your hair feels dried, either insert your rollers partially at the root area or roll your hair on the biggest Velcro rollers such as VELCRO Classic Super Size Plus Rollers-2pk 3" 76.2mm. (You could also try to use hot roller set such as Conair Jumbo Roller Travel Hairsetter - Styling Tools.) Then spray your hair with slight mist of hair spray. Let it sit, while you do your make up, eat breakfast or get dressed - or all of the above. Then take all rollers out. Turn your hair upside down again, brush your hair just a little, spray it again very lightly, stand up straight, shake your head so the hair falls in its natural way, and if you need to spray your brush with a hair spray and brush your ends to give it more curve. If you need more hair spray, spray it very lightly for the last time.