FAQ: What Are Signs Of Healthy Hair

How does healthy hair looks and feels like?

Any healthy hair will have a superb shine. There are several reasons why hair is not shiny. Some of them are a poor nutrition and a sickness or a medicine. Others are chemicals and an improper handling of the hair.  Human hair has a snake like scales, which lie flat, and therefore reflects the light. The more the scales are raised the less shine your hair will have. And the more the scales are raised that much more frizzy it will look.
How healthy hair feels? That depends on its type. Fine healthy hair will feel slightly different than coarse healthy hair.


This post should be taken as a first step for a discussion with your hairdresser and/or colorist about your ideas, desires or problems with your hair. Under no circumstances, you should act upon this post ONLY. I strongly advice you to have your hair done by a skilled and reputable hairdresser/colorist in your area.