FAQ: Are There Any Affordable Japanese Hairdressing Scissors?

I'm a student and I would like to buy Japanese scissors. Are there any inexpensive shears?

The best Japanese shears are made of a special steel and that is why they are expensive. If you find any in $400 range that is a great price. I've come across over one thousand dollars Japanese shears in the past.

I found one website with shears you may explore (they should pay me for promoting them LOL) - if you see a lower price than $300 those sheers may be from a good steel, but not as good as the pricey ones. If you are interested to learn about Japanese swordsmithing visit THIS WIKIPEDIA's page. Many Japanese companies use a good quality steel based on their swordsmithing in their scissor for hairdressers.

The image above is from website. These scissors are "Fuji". The price is now about $100 more than I paid for mine. I used these scissors on many haircuts and made many of my clients very happy.