FAQ: Questions About Henna

My hair is black, but I would like to color it brown. I would like to use a natural product - henna. Is it damaging? What color should I use? Where can I buy henna?


  • Henna is a product that should be used mainly for oily hair as it is somewhat drying product.
  • Buy only 100 % pure henna, avoid the ones with metallic compounds
  • It is not very damaging, but since it is a "coating" product, the pigment is deposited on the hair shaft
  • You would not be able to use a regular permanent tint (which you need to mix with peroxide) on top of your henna should you want to switch to a permanent tint. The permanent hair color will not (most likely) penetrate henna - or if so, then just very slightly.
  • Henna gives hair shine, but after a while it could start looking dull due to an uneven surface.
  • Since your hair is black you would not see a color change that much. However, if you use red henna, it may give your black hair very faint reddish hue.
  • Henna can be purchased on line, or check your area for a "beauty supply store".
  • If you would like to get your hair slightly lighter, let say to a brown stage, you would need to color your hair with a permanent hair coloring product, which has powers to "lift" color to a lighter shade.

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This post should be taken as a first step for a discussion with your hairdresser and/or colorist about your ideas, desires or problems with your hair. Under no circumstances, you should act upon this post ONLY. I strongly advice you to have your hair done by a skilled and reputable hairdresser/colorist in your area.