FAQ: Can You Recommend Styles For Round Face?

My face is round and I have short hair. Can you recommend any styles for my face type?

Of course long hair is great for making round face look less round. But for people with short hair there are two primary styles.

One of the styles that you could wear is a "bob cut" that is cut short in the back and long in the front. Katie Holmes' hair-do on the left is a good example. It covers face a bit and the length in front makes any face look thinner.

Another great style for round face is a short pixie style (Isabella Rosellini in the image below), where the top is blow-dried up and sides are dried in a wispy style toward the cheeks.

Another pixie style with a twist (two images below) - the length in the neck area and slight height on the top takes anyone's attention away from the roundness of the face.

All these styles give the round face an optical illusion of length.

Any style that creates "wideness" around the cheek area should be avoided as it gives an illusion of even wider/rounder face.

Katie Holmes' image is from THIS web page
Isabella Rosellini's image is from THIS web page
Young model's image is from THIS web page
Lisa Rina (last image) is from THIS web page