FAQ: My Hair Is Falling Out

I am a guy, 21 years of age. I have always worn my hair short, 1.5cm or less.. a couple of months ago I decided to wear it long, now I have a nice big red moptop and I can style it better. However, two days ago I was finishing my shower, lifted the poof loofah from the shower drain and found tons of red hair in the puddle of water. I was concerned. I use neutrogena daily control 2 in 1 shampoo, I don't use hair products, sometimes in the morning when i wake up I do notice slight very slight pain in the back of my scalp, maybe it could be my own sleeping position as I lay my head on my pillow and it pulls the hair a certain way? I cant be losing my hair especially now that I know how much I can do with it when long. Any products, tips or suggestions to not lose it so soon. Thank you.

I do not think you have to worry about your hair. When you get old, perhaps, but not now.

The hair that you see in your tub is probably same amount like before, but now each hair is just simply longer, and thus looks like a lot more hair.
First of all, hair grows up to about 7 years (some lot less, some a bit longer). After each hair falls out, the papilla (where hair lived) goes into resting stage for 3 months, and then when a papilla is ready hair starts growing again. Out of thousands of your hair, you shed up to 100 hairs a day.

I recently switched to shampoos and body soaps with least amount of chemicals (which these can penetrate the skin and perhaps contribute to a cancer at a later time, also I decided not to support companies, that put these chemicals into their products thus pollute our mother Earth as well). So I would suggest to visit your local store with natural foods and products, and do not buy only by the label that says "natural", buy a product that has least amount of ingredients and chemicals in it. I myself looked at Jason, Kiss My Face, Giovanni (this product I used to sell in my salon) and other products. And remember - the less of ingredients that you cannot read (chemistry names) the better for you.
Other than that, just eat well - nutritious foods, no junk; get enough sleep; and when shampooing your hair massage your scalp with fingertips (do not use fingernails) to invigorate small capillaries so they bring a nutrition to the roots of your hair -and you should be set for a good quality hair.

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