FAQ: Please Help With Ombre Coloring

I just got my hair done this week and I did the ombré style. I already died my hair blonde so she colored my roots dark and did low lights and highlights it came out good but it didn't blend at all. I see a straight line and it's upsetting. I put down big bucks... Help me please..

Well, I cannot help you much since I do not live in your town :-)
Since I cannot see your hair I really cannot answer this question very well. Initially, your hair colorist should have mixed several shades from browns to blonds and apply them in that order from scalp to the mid length or so.
You need to go back to the haircolorist and ask to get rid of the line of demarcation and that you do not want to see the straight line. Bring her some images to show her what you are talking about. Of course, she should fix it without extra charge.