FAQ: My Hairdresser Ruined My Hair - What Can I Do?

I asked my hairdresser for a new style and he ruined my hair. How can I fix it now?

Well, couple of things are good in the end

  • hair grows back 
  • you know not to go to that hairdresser anymore
Your next steps should be something like this:

  • find several images of styles/colors that you like and you think that would suit your face and personality
  • find someone who will DISCUSS a hairstyle with you before they put color and scissors to it (a thorough discussion is a key to a mutual happiness - no hairdresser wants to ruin your hair)
  • ask many questions - how your hair will look at the end, where it will be a short, where it will be long,  what is difference between short and long layers and how are they executed
  • ask questions about color too, if color is the problem) and so on
That way you will see if your stylist is educated. You need to go prepared (with many questions) before you put your foot into your chosen establishment.

Credit: the image above is from WOMEN FITNESS website.