FAQ: How Can I Fix My Damaged Hair?

I use a curling iron and a flat iron for my hair styling. I use a heat protecting spray, yet my hair gets "fried". What can I do to fix my hair, or how can I further more protect it?

The hair gets fried for few reasons:

  • leaving hot irons on hair too long (shorten the time of heat on hair)
  • using irons on damp hair (dry hair thoroughly)
  • over-processing hair with chemicals (proper application will minimize the damage)
  • blow drying with high heat (lower the temperature of your blow dryer)
Other tips - give yourself deep conditioning treatments; and whenever possible do not style your hair - just leave it "au natural" as much as possible (wear it in a loose knot, to make your hair look more stylish)

You could try also deep hydrating shampoos such as - Cupuacu Deep Hydration Shampoo - 8 oz (Google Affiliate Ad) and deep conditioner  such as - Cupuacu Deep Hydration Conditioner - 8 oz (Google Affiliate Ad)

Credit: The image is from THIS website.