FAQ: What Do You Think About ApHogee Hair Treatment?

I was wondering what you think of the heavy duty protein treatments which are used once every 6 weeks (at most). I am looking into using the apHogee two step treatment.

I always say that it is important to read all ingredients. Beauty companies may put a lot of man made chemicals into their products, which can make hair look great, but if these chemicals are somewhat dangerous and they penetrate our bodies in any way, then we may slowly (over the years) develop cancers. So it pays to read what is in the bottle. So when you are standing in the store and holding a product in your hand always ask yourself question, : "How many chemicals are in it? What are the chemicals?"
(Note to readers: Did you know that Johnson & Johnson company is eliminating some of the dangerous chemicals from their products? I hope more companies will follow.)

There is a website with a database (not all products can be found there), which tells what ingredients are in a product and how dangerous these chemicals are for the body. You see, the hair is not a problem. Products fix the hair sometimes on the inside, sometimes on the outside, sometimes in both ways and it depends if our (your) hair "likes" the product. If our (your) hair feels good. The product doesn't penetrate into our body via hair. So in my opinion, you can use on your hair anything to fix its condition. However, you must be cautious with products that can enter your body via skin (pores), breathing, or if it gets in via your eyes.

I have never used apHogee, so I had to do a little research. On the company's website I read that "the treatment hardens into the hair". That made me think immediately about the infamous formaldehyde. And when I checked with the "Skin Deep Cosmetic Database" I found out that indeed it has this chemical in it and that is why it works so well on hair. Unlike some other products, it has only two "red flags". See for yourself HERE (make sure you scroll down to read about each ingredient that is used in this product).

So, if you use this product, use it with caution - do not put it on skin (put it only on hair) and do not breath it in (especially if you use heat). Formaldehyde is a bad boy to be around. 

The image of the above hair treatment is a property of ApHogee company's website.