FAQ: What Curling Iron Is Best?

What are the best curlers a woman can buy? Something like GHD's but curlers?

I think that any hair styling tool is very personal. It really depends on your tastes - how you hold your tools, what kind of hair you have (fine, medium, coarse,  straight, wavy, curly...), how is your hand developed (a small, medium, large palm), what you are looking for in a styling tool etc. If it comes to technical specifications (spects), you need to read what each tool can do for you and choose for yourself. For example - I may prefer curling iron that is ceramic, but someone else may prefer gold plated.
I found THIS website that can tell you a little about curling irons - so explore few pages and make a decision which curling iron (s) would suit you the best technically.
Then you need to go to couple of stores and look at the tools (in your case a curling iron) and pretend you are curling your hair and see for yourself how it feels in your hand. What is your inner "voice" telling you. In other words, when you hold any of the styling tools in your hand(s) it must feel like you were born with it.

Credit: The image of the above curling iron is from THIS site.

You can also visit Folica web site (below) to see if anything would suit you.