How To Scrunch Your Wavy Hair

I would like to share with you my best technique about "how to scrunch hair, so it gets as strong waves/curls as possible". That is only if the hair is wavy or curly.
A straight hair and a hair with a very loose wave would have to be permed first.

After I shampoo my hair with my favorite shampoo, I towel dry my hair (actually squeeze - I  do not like to rub it). Then I apply a pea sized conditioner to my palm and add few drops of water, rub my hands and then squeeze it into my hair ends. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb (or untangle and separate my curls with fingers). Then I use a small amount of gel on my hair, which I scrunch into my hair all over. If my hair gel is too thick I add few drops of water. I start with my hair kind of wet, so it would form nice ringlets. I use a diffuser similar to Croc Magic Diffuser to dry my hair. I heat up my hair, then gently scrunch my hair in my cupped palm.
Due to a wetness of  my hair it usually takes longer time to dry it, but the outcome can be a superb - I get a really nice ringlet-y hair style.

Credit: the image of Meg Ryan above is how my hair can look if I do all of the above mentioned steps without using any styling tools, ie. curling iron. I found the image on THIS WEB SITE.