FAQ: How Can I Protect My Hair From Overheating By Blow-dryers And Flat Irons?

I use my blow dryer and my flat iron often. What should I do to prevent my hair from damage? Can you recommend any products?

Use your blow-dryer on cool settings when ever possible - the cooler air will not burn your hair. If you are in a rush and you use the high heat make sure to move your blow dryer around - do not stay in one spot too long. Before you use your flat iron (your straightener) apply a heat protectant for hair, which you can get at your local salon or a beauty supply store. If you use your flat iron on high heat, make sure you run it down your hair shaft very fast. If you stay on the hair strand for too long you may burn your hair overtime. Let the strand cool before you run your flat iron again. To save time alternate sides/areas = while one area is cooling you can work on an other strand and return to the first one (that is not finished yet) when it cools down.

Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment (or a mask) at least once a month. Go to a reputable salon in your area and ask for samples. Then, if you like any particular mask or treatment, you can purchase it at a later date. While at the salon, ask what each product does to the hair. This will save you money instead of buying something that doesn't work for your hair.

Above - a thermal ionic hair dryer by Solia (1875W)
Below - an example of Frederic Fekkai's Termal UV Protectant (a heat protectant), however there are many such as this one on the market.

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