FAQ: How Much Should I Tip A Hairdresser (USA)

What is the tipping rule after I pay my bill in a hair salon?

In the USA, usually it is about 15-20% - just like in a restaurant. If you have multiple people tending to your tresses, then you have to tip each person separately. For example:

  • a colorist highlights your hair and the price tag is $100 - the lowest tip would be $15, but if you are very happy with it then even $20 or more (according to difficulty of the coloring job) will show your appreciation
  • if your hair gets cut and your haircut costs $60 - the lowest tip would be about $10; again if you are very happy with your cut or if you have a lot of hair (or long hair) to work with, then your tip could be $12 or more
  • the shampoo person gets about up to 10% of the haircut price - so at the $60 haircut the lowest tip would be about $5. However, if the shampoo girl does more tasks besides only shampooing your hair, then her tip should be higher. If she also blow dries your hair, then you tip her 15% for the blow dry part and up to 10% for the shampoo (ie. if the haircut is $60 then hairdresser gets $10+, and if the blow dry is $30, then the person who blow dries your hair gets $5)
Of course if the prices are lower, then the tipping is lower (ie. for a $30 cut&style you tip $5+), and if prices are a lot higher, then you tip a lot higher too (ie. if your haircut is $200, then the tip is about $35+). 

If it is the salon owner who cuts your hair, and if he/she has higher prices than the rest of the stylists, then you do not have to tip the salon owner.

Credit: The above image is from THIS website.