Comments On "Answers 2 Beauty" Blog

I moderate my blog's comments (any comment must be approved before it gets published), but besides comments from my readers there are companies that try to promote their business via my "Answers 2 Beauty" blog. Occasionally, they write a comment below my posts or articles. If I see that the comment is reader friendly, I allow the company's note/response to be published. However, you as readers must make sure, that you fully research the company before you buy any of their products. I do not promote any products, I just allow people have more information about what there is on the market and from time to time I write what I like, what I researched, or my experiences with the product. But you, my dear readers, must make sure a product is right for you.

For example:
a company from Philippines commented on the post about "How To Fix Damaged Hair"

Due to outsourcing and many products being made overseas and being shipped directly to buyers, make sure that before you buy any product of any company that:
  • their product is legitimate
  • their product is not dangerous to your health (find out what ingredients are in it and do a research about those ingredients)
  • the company's website is secure for purchases
  • their product sells in your country (saves you on big price of a shipment)
  • you write to them with any other important questions you may have before your purchase

It is your right to know what is in your “beauty bottle”.