FAQ: What Is The Best Style For My Face Shape?

I have a heart shaped face. What haircut/style would suit me the best?

If your face is narrow around the chin area, you need to widen it visually with your hair. A length from slightly below the chin  down to below your shoulders would be the best option.
The modern flip would make it distracting from your narrow chin. Other styles that would work - nice soft wispy hair around the face, or longer wavy hair. Bangs - either normal or side swept are great. You could also try to keep your hair kind of straight/flat in the widest area of your head to make it look visually narrow.
Ponytail styles or "up-do's" will make your heart shape face more pronounced.

Let's use Reese Witherspoon as an example.

Credit: The above image (of Reese Witherspoon) is from THIS website. It is a perfectly balanced style for her heart shaped face. She looks stunning.

Credit: The image is from THIS website.
A blunt cut is widening the chin area.

Credit: The image is from THIS website.
Soft waves are visually balancing the face at the chin area

Credit: The image is from THIS website.
As you see this "up-do" style is the least flattering for Reese Witherspoon's face - the shape is so much more pronounced. But, she is a beautiful woman (inside and out), so she can get away with it. 

Credit: The image is from THIS website.
If the hair gets too long, it can be lengthening your chin visually, so keep your hair on the shorter side.