FAQ: Can I Make My Hair Curly In A Natural Way?

Is there any way of making my slightly wavy hair curlier without any chemicals or tools. Is there any natural mixture that will make my hair curlier?

No, your hair cannot get any curlier, as there is not any natural mixture. If there would be such a concoction, ladiew would not get their hair permed.
However, when  some of cancer patients hair starts growing back it grows in a different pattern - it may be coarser, or finer, or straighter, or wavier.
But, you could help your curls/waves be a bit firmer if you use a gel and a diffuser on your hair. The technique of using a diffuser is described in this post.

It is very interesting that if you look at the hair's diameter then you can see that the very curly hair is actually very flat, wavy hair is oval and straight hair is round. This flatness/roundness may vary through out the "areas" on your head/scalp.

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