FAQ: Too Much Iron In Our Water

I live in a house with well water which has a lot of iron content. It makes my hair lifeless. What can I do to make my hair healthy again?

If you have too much iron in your water, you need to be aware of several things. If you drink it for a long time it can cause gene mutations (google "iron overload" to read more about this issue). Regarding your hair, the iron in your water will create a build up on the surface of your hair. That is why your hair feels lifeless. I would recommend several ways to solve your problem:

  • Test for iron and iron bacteria content in your water
  • Install a quality softening/filtering water system 
  • Install additional filtering system on your shower head (see the image below)
  • Buy "clarifying shampoo" or "purifying shampoo" and use it about once a week (do not overuse - read directions) 
  • Mix your favorite shampoo with baking soda and apply to your hair, let sit, rinse, shampoo and apply your conditioner
There are many "clarifying shampoos" on the market. Check out - Redken's "Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo", if you like organic products try Avalon Organics' "Lemon Clarifying Shampoo". You can check out also Paul Mitchell's clarifying "Shampoo Three" or Joico's "K-PAK".