FAQ: Blue Toner Over Dark Hair

My hair is dark. What will happen if I will not bleach my hair but just color it blue?

If your hair is dark (ie. black or dark brown) and you would use toner, your hair color base would not change. It would stay the same. However, you would see a faint blue hue. Example - if your hair is black and you tone it, your hair will turn blue black. See the image to your left - this would be the closest image to show you how you could look like, if you have black hair. Perhaps, you could end up with even slightly less blue.

The dark brown hair color that has natural reddish undertones would turn darker. I am not sure how much blue you would be able to see. It would really depend on the "base" color. Read about the ash toner (green or blue based) on the hair here - you may see the image of toned down hair, however it was not toned down with pure blue toner. Unfortunately I could not find a better image that would show you how the hair would really look like.

Credit: The beautiful image belongs to Isobel De Lisle.