FAQ: Excessive Dandruff On My Cornrows

Can you help me to prevent dry scalp for my African american hair? Whenever I get my hair cornrowed I take it out in about two weeks. I notice that my scalp is really dry. What should I improve on my diet to make sure this doesn't happen any more? Also how often should I grease my scalp whilst it's in cornrows?

I think it doesn't matter what kind of hair you have. It's all about shedding skin. In other words, your skin starts shedding, and if you do not wash your hair everyday or every other day, then after a couple of weeks you can see a build up of your dead skin in the form of dandruff. That means you need to give your skin a good scrub to get rid of all that "dead skin build up".  I think that you do not need to change your diet, because most likely there is nothing wrong with your health or scalp. Greasing your scalp will not help to get rid of your natural skin shedding either. It will only camouflage it.
Perhaps, you could give yourself 3-4 shampoos after you take your cornrows out, and then condition your hair. Scrubbing your scalp with cornrows in, will get your hair frizzy. So, if I would be you - I would give myself a good scrub in-between my cornrow sessions. And I would make sure my cornrows are not too tight. Otherwise the hairline could shift too much back.

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