FAQ - Clairol Color And Developer

I have a new question which requires your expertise. I use Clairol Nice And Easy in blue black which I love. The problem is, the box does not specify what volume the developer is and when I called they would not tell me. Can I use the boxed drugstore hair color with my own 20 volume developer? (It\'s clairol professional). Thank You so much!!!:)

The drugstore's product (Nice and Easy) should come with its own developer. If this product is a permanent color then you should use 20 volume developer. You should always mix color and developer from the same company. So if you have at home Clairol's 20 volume developer, I would think that you are very safe mixing these colors together.
Do not mix for example Clairol's color and Wella's developer. I've done that once (I run out of Wella developer and used Clairol's and the color was just very runny, and was dripping down the client's forehead entire time. I had practically an assistant stand next to a client to wipe her all the time. Her color processed same, but it was a horrible messy experience. From this "unfortunate event" I learned, that companies like to sell as many of their products as possible, so they "tweek" their colors and developers in such way that they are compatible with their own kind only.

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