FAQ: How Can I Get Rid Of Dead Skin From My Scalp

I went on a four day hiking trip and my part got a little burned. Now the skin is peeling. Is there anyway to get rid of the flaky dead skin fast?

This situation will take few days to clear up - until burned skin is replaced. However, hopefully you can help your hair to stay semi-free of "dandruff" (or dead skin). It all depends on the type (thickness) and length of your hair.

While shampooing your hair with dandruff shampoo massage your scalp longer than usual to loosen up as much dead skin as possible. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and massage your scalp again. Take a fine tooth comb (for lice) and comb your hair from your scalp toward ends, while rinsing the conditioner off. Since the conditioner is "slippery" it will be easier to get rid of your dead skin flakes with the help of the fine tooth comb below. Then blow dry your hair. After your hair is dry, comb it with the comb again to get the rest of the skin off your hair. Keep blow drying your hair on a cool setting to help the flaky skin move along (hopefully your hair is not too thick).

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