FAQ: Question Regarding Tinted Formula Perm

Can a tinted formula perm be used on a non colored hair?

A tinted formula perm (you are talking probably about Zotos product) can be used on non-colored hair if the hair is too delicate to use perm for regular or resilient hair. Perms come in different strengths - for colored/delicate hair, for regular (healthy) hair, and for very resilient (hard to perm) hair. On top of that your hairdresser will use the proper timing for the best possible outcome. So again, depending on your hair type (delicate/colored, normal, or resilient) your stylist will chose the proper strength perm and while you are processing he/she will check for curl formation every few minutes. When he/she sees the good strong curl formation your perm will be rinsed and your hair will be further neutralized. Then usually you should not shampoo your hair for couple of days, so the hair has a chance to set the curl in and that shampoo would not weaken the curls.

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