FAQ: Coloring and Brazilian Straightener

Can I color my hair and do Brazilian blow dry on the same day?

The manufacturers say that you can color or bleach your hair and then do Brazilian blow dry on the same day. While permanent coloring deposits pigment into your hair and bleach takes the pigment out, Brazilian treatment is a coating substance. The liquid is applied onto your hair, then blow dried and then sealed with a heat. This liquid contains chemicals that "harden" on the surface and seal the cuticle, thus giving it shine. However, I would not recommend it for health reasons. Vapors produced with a hot flat iron are very dangerous and contain formaldehyde, which causes cancer. It would be better for you to get hair straightener the "old way" (with a relaxer) and then one week later color your hair.

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This post should be taken as a first step for a discussion with your hairdresser and/or colorist about your ideas, desires or problems with your hair. Under no circumstances, you should act upon this post ONLY. I strongly advice you to have your hair done by a skilled and reputable hairdresser/colorist in your area.