FAQ: How Would Cropped Hair Look With Thin Hair?

I would like to crop my hair to a very short length. How would it look in comparison with thick hair?

It would look natural, how it is supposed to look with your features. Some people have less hair, yet the diameter of their hair is bigger then others and therefore their hair can look thicker. Others have hair thin in diameter, but may have tons of it. You have to ask yourself a question "how it will look with the rest of my hair and will it go with my facial features (shape of your face)?"

If you are unsure, have your hairdresser cut your hair with clippers just around your temples. And have your him/her use a bigger attachment at first. If you like what is going on, your stylist can switch to a smaller attachment, and even cut more of your tresses. If you do not like how it looks, you can easily let it grow out, while the longer hair sort of "hides" your shaved area.

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