FAQ: Thin Hair And Conditioner

My hair is thin. Do I have to use a conditioner? It makes my hair even thinner if I use it.

If you have thin hair but it is healthy, you do not have to use a conditioner all the time. You could shampoo your hair and then spray very lightly leave-in conditioner on your ends for an easy comb through.

If your hair is damaged, then a conditioner is a must. You need to make hair less frizzy and healthy looking with a hair conditioner.

To avoid "frizziness" of your hair try to do this:

  • use satin sheets for your pillow
  • comb your hair gently starting from the bottom and slowly moving up when you are detangeling
  • use conditioner on your bottom part of your hair - comb will spread it up just a little bit, yet you will not get a build up at the scalp and your hair will look less thin/greasy
  • for fullness blow dry your hair with head upside down and do not use brushes too much - brush will make your hair flatter and visually more thin (same for a flat iron)
  • do not over process your hair hair with chemicals
  • do not rub your hair while shampooing - massage gently just your scalp, and then run your fingers through your hair from your scalp toward the ends of your hair
  • wrap your hair into your towel instead of rubbing it - any friction makes your hair frizzy