What Went Wrong In Styling Her Hair?

The video below is a proof that you have to be careful with your hair - coloring, styling, etc. Especially when you do your hair at home. So what could have gone wrong? First watch the video then read below.

  • it was over bleached or colored (she colore's her hair) and although the heat was not too high it could have burnt it off because the hair was "hanging" there and waiting for another slightly stronger friction to fall off
  • the iron's heat was too high for her fine hair
  • she kept the iron on the hair too long and burned it
  • she was using her iron too often and didn't realized her hair was too "fried" and waiting for one more curling action to fall off
  • she used a wrong styling product and actually the chemicals in it and heat reacted and burned it
Any other ideas come to your mind?