FAQ: What To Do About Hair Loss?

I used to have very thick and voluminous hair. But it has reduced to less than its half volume and has also become very thin. Is there any home made remedy to cure my problem?

I am sorry about your situation. There are many reasons to loose hair:

  • over-processed hair - either color, perm or straightener
  • hair products - try products with as many natural ingredients as possible (shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, gels etc)
  • hair tools - try to use them only occasionally - find ways to style your hair with limited use of hair tools (hair dryer, irons, curlers etc.)
  • poor nutrition - you need to eat well (chemical ingredients in the food could cause problems in your system - concentrate on organic and especially non GMO  foods) - preferably cook your food from scratch yourself 
  • older age - when people get older, they start loosing hair naturally
  • hereditary - someone in the family passed this gene onto your (this applies for both men and women)
  • hormonal changes in your body - birth? menopause?
  • health problem - have your doctor do a good blood test to see if any disease is a problem
  • low or very high iron content can be a culprit to hair loss (iron in your body needs to be balanced)
  • loss due to a medicine - did you start taking any pills lately?
  • stress or emotional shock - have you experienced anything that caused you to be under pressure emotionally or physically?
What you need to do first is to think which on of the above mentioned reasons could cause your hair loss, and then you will have to change your lifestyle according to that. For example, if you are getting old there will not be much you could do (perhaps just the nutrition). If you have health problems, you need to get well first before you will see any changes (if ever - it depends on a disease). If you are under stress, you need to avoid stressful situations - control them with a yoga/exercise/meditation or change the environment altogether.

You can visit THIS page to read more about causes for hair loss (check also consecutive pages at the end of the article on that page). Read as much as possible, take notes, write down questions and when (or if) you'll visit your doctor for your blood work, ask him more questions. Good luck with solving your problem. 

In the meantime concentrate on anything positive every day.

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