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Hi, I am using a permanent blue black hair dye by a company that I have never used before (Age Beautiful Hair Color.) On the company's website it says that the color will be more vibrant if a higher volume developer is used (30 or 40 volume.) Can you please tell me what the difference would be between using a 20 volume vs a 30 volume developer? Since the 30 volume has more lift would the blue tones show more? Would the 20 volume make the color a darker black?
Thank You So Much!!! Your advice has helped me so much through this hair journey:)

I believe that the color would be slightly "lighter" (or brighter), not necessary bluer. What happens with the developer is that it makes the natural pigment get a little lighter (= it brings out a red pigment in dark hair) and then the artificial color gets deposited.
If I would want my hair to be more blue, I would buy blue pigment and add a little into my mixture. I would probably start with a teaspoon. What needs to be also considered is - the more of the pigment we add the weaker the developer will get, thus making it closer to 20 Volume strength.

Check out these companies:

Manic Panic
Vidal Sassoon (Pro Series Hair Color)
Clairol's Jazzing (although I think they have more of a purple shade)

Perhaps you could add a little of their pigment into your mixture, but first check with companies if it is OK to mix two different companies together, since you are not looking for pure blue hair color.

Also check if Zotos, maker of  Age Beautiful Hair Color, sells color additives.

Good luck.

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